About Us


In May 2006, Triton Signal USA commenced business in Chicago as a supplier of world-class back-up alarms and LED worklamps to the North American commercial and off-road truck and equipment market.

LED technology is now embedded in our industry, and its manufacturing costs have decreased year-by-year. LED lamps are now finding their way onto our streets and into our homes and are literally changing the way we see the world. Those of us raised in cities had to become accustomed to seeing colors differently under yellow, sodium-vapor, street lamps. Iin the near future those lamps will become extinct, as LEDs take their place.

Triton's line now offers over 200 top quality products, with very competitive market pricing. We are also able to offer customization of our products in order to suit the needs of our customers.

Triton Signal USA is proud to be a market leader in our field. We are intensely focused on supplying the highest quality, most rugged, and durable products with unique and patented features. In a crowded market with a myriad of product choices, we are confident that you will find that our world-class products and service stand out from the rest.

All of us on the Triton team appreciate your interest, continued patronage, and support.


Mark T. Coward